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New space begets new support. $30.2 million and counting!

This Renewal update continues on the theme of our congregation (and the wider community) expressing love/joy/awe/excitement for our new Atrium and renewed spaces. And there have been many opportunities to see the way our new building reflects our values at HBT.

In the last month alone, we’ve hosted Pride events, an Interfaith evening on Antisemitism and Islamophobia – “Moving from Hate to Hope,” an evening of Jewish Food and its impact on Jewish experience, and our “Three Cantors / One Voice event for Jewish Music Week.” We even had a “Jew-rassic Park” Raptors viewing party for Game 6 of The NBA Finals. This, in addition to our regular services and programming … and of course, numerous simchas have been held, with many more being booked.

But wait, there’s (even) more: An Israel Bonds luncheon was held in our new Mishkan to honour congregant, Lesley Offman. And our Shabbat community kiddush in the Atrium has already become a valued tradition with both services coming together for a meal after prayers.

Our collective dreams for the transformative nature of the building and the activities it would enable are being realized, and the uniformly positive reaction to our Renewed Holy Blossom is spurring new giving. We are currently at $30.2 million, and we’ve held a number of fundraising events for new donors that have been well-attended, resulting in new donations. We’ve also had generous increases from our existing donors as we move ever closer to completing Phase 1 fundraising. As we’ve said before, Renewal will only succeed when this project of many, becomes a project of all. We need to finish this fundraising job together. To this end, if you haven’t heard from us already, we’ll be contacting you soon to talk about making your own meaningful gift to Renewal.

If you feel inspired to make your donation right now, Jonathan Ain, our Director of Development, would love to speak with you. He can be reached at [email protected] or 416.789.3291 ext. 249.

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