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A Special Thank You to the Attendees of A Common Thread

A message from Larry Enkin

What an amazing evening Wednesday was, and my deepest thanks for being a part of it.

Thanks especially to the families connected to the Tailor Project who spoke so genuinely and from the heart: Eva Madras, Anne and Max Dublin, Ed and Isaac Applebaum and Fay Kieffer, your messages truly resonated with the audience of over 1,200 people who gathered at the Temple, as well as with a global audience, who joined us to watch the evening’s program through a livestream.

For those who may have been unable to attend the event in person, you can watch the event highlights online here.

Also, my sincere gratitude to all the families from the Tailor Project who joined us. Thanks also to Rabbi Splansky and the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, who shared stirring messages. It was an evening to remember, as we will always remember the Holocaust and the opening of Canada to the immigration of Jews through the Tailor Project.

We would also like to thank the incredible volunteers at Holy Blossom Temple and our partners in this event at Holy Blossom for helping to make this evening such a remarkable success.

To watch the livestream visit:

Click here to read a transcript of Rabbi Yael Splansky’s remarks

To watch the documentary-short please visit:

Please support the work of the Tailor Project so that we can continue to share the untold stories of the tailors.


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