Hello Families!

We had an exciting day today.

We began by talking about the Friday night services and dinner that 5 of our students attended with their families. We had a lovely time, thanks for coming! The children were eager to tell their classmates about the fun they had.

We had crazy hat day today, and I explained to the class that it is the Hebrew month, Adar, where we do fun things to make us happy, like have crazy hat day!

We have Tefilah in the brand new building today! It was very exciting and pretty! We learned the blessing to say when there’s something new – shehecheyanu.

Afterwards, we came back and learned the (long and child friendly version) of the Purim story. We sang songs about Purim, and said “boo” to Haman.

Reminder to everyone that we are away the next two weeks. There is a Purim carnival on March 17 that everyone should attend if they are in town.

See you March 24!


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