In Grade 2

This week in grade 2 we learned all about the holiday of Purim! We put on a mini skit and heard about the bravery of Queens Esther. We got to made out ver own “gregors” or noisemakers so that when we heard the name of Haman, the villain in the Purim story, we can make a lot of noise to blot out his name!

In Hebrew class this week, we learned a new vowel. While it may look new it makes the same sounds as the “eh” vowel that we had learned previously! We also learned the letter “sin” which looks a lot like a shin but has a dot on the other side of the letter. It also makes a “Ssss” sound like a snake! We finished off the class with a big game of Jeopardy! Hope everyone has a fun march break! See you soon!

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