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Friends, we have built what we dreamed we would build. It is wonderful that we are realizing our vision. And even more wonderful that we are realizing it, together.

March 24 in Grade 4

We were busy preparing for Pesach! From the steps of the Seder, to the 4 Questions, the story and songs, we had a very good start. In Hebrew we continued improving the reading skills. Just a [...]

March 24 in Grade 3

This past week we began learning all the customs that take place at a typical Jewish wedding. We also read some of the Sheva Brachot (7 blessings) that are recited under the Chupah in Hebrew, and [...]

March 24 in Grade 5

Ma Nishtana… Not much is different, but we started dwelling  in the Hagadah, we remembered the story of how and why we became slaves, and all of it in Hebrew. On top of it , we were working [...]

March 24 in Grade 2

This week in grade 2 we started learning about Passover! We had Avishai, a special musical guest, help us learn “Ma Nishtana” – the 4 questions, that are part of the passover seder. Each of [...]

March 24 in Grade 1

This week in Grade 1 we learned the letter מ and a fun new word: Matzah! We began to sing Ma Nishtana and also had a great visit with the Shinshinim.

March 24 in JK/SK

Hello Families! We had a wonderful time at Tefilah today. It was such a treat being in the Sanctuary! The Shinshinim came and told us all about Israel. We focused on food from Israel and the [...]

2 for Seder

The notion is to invite two non-Jewish adults, who have never attended before, to your family Seder. They can begin to learn, through community, what we are all about.

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