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Sundays in the Atrium

Our new musical program inviting the larger community into our new beautiful home was launched last week with a great measure of success.

Over one hundred people, Holy Blossom members and guests form our community, enjoyed our new concert series.

The joint project between Holy Blossom and Glenn Gould School at the Royal Conservatory of Music was met with great enthusiasm.

Nofar Yacobi, Soprano, was absolutely stunning in her vocal production performing classic operatic and Israeli Art songs her voice soared in the acoustical chamber of the Atrium with vigour, splendour, and personal charm.

William Weil, Cello, displayed a rich deep emotional quality of his instrument. The voice of the cello closest to the human voice left us with subliminal melodic splendour.

Sasha Bult-Ito, Piano, demonstrated total command of the repertoire supporting the soloists. Her rich strong at times as her soft delicate touch of the keys convinced the audience of her love for the instrument and her love of accompanying such highly qualified fellowship students.

Sundays in the Atrium will return Sunday, March 10, 2019, at 2 pm

Refreshments and socializing will be served after the concert for your pleasure

Our deep thanks and appreciation to Ken Snider and Deborah Leibow for underwriting this program.

Please join us for the next extraordinary Sunday afternoon recital!


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