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Melton Reflection

By: Lesley Shore, Holy Blossom member

When I read the announcement of the Melton course in the HBT bulletin I was intrigued. Good friends had taken the course before and loved it. At 72, it seemed the right time in my life to turn my mind to a spiritual and ritual exploration of Judaism. But I hadn’t studied Jewishly since my Bat Mitzvah at a Conservative shul in Winnipeg in 1959. And the course was expensive! If I was going to enroll I would have to commit to it.

Warily, and late as usual, I came to the information night. The board room was crammed to overflowing with potential participants. I saw many Temple members whom I knew from a distance but respected. Course enrollment would be limited to 25. I was sure I wanted to be one of those.

No matter how tired I am on Tuesday evenings or how unpleasant the weather, I want to be at class. I want to ponder what the Torah says that I’ve waited most of my life to consider seriously. I want to discuss the opinions of contemporary rabbis and hear from the sages of old.

It’s been an amazing opportunity to learn with Rabbi Satz who will leave us, sadly, this summer. What an inspirational teacher he has been. I’ve loved listening to my fellow participants and learning from their erudition. Coming to Melton has brought me closer to the Temple I love, to the Torah I’m approaching with ever-growing admiration and to our very talented and blessed community.

Melton Reflection

By: Barb Wiseberg

I must admit, I hesitated several times before finally enrolling in this class.

  • Excuse #1   I am not a member of the shul, and I didn’t know a soul.
  • Excuse #2   see excuse #1.
  • Excuse #3  The last time I studied any Torah/Jewish Studies was in 1979.  Grade 9.

The first few weeks were a bit rocky.  The Rabbis were both welcoming and knowledgeable, and this was their first time teaching this course as well.

I think it took a few weeks for our class to “get into the groove.”

  • We don’t just cover the material in the comprehensive books.
  • We discuss.
  • We debate.
  • We sometimes get into raw, honest, truthful dialogues – which is truly the best part of the class.

I leave each class intrigued, as I have listened, and contributed, to some great conversations.

Thank you, Debbie Spiegel, for spearheading this initiative, which I am thoroughly enjoying.

Ps – unlike grade 9, NO HOMEWORK!!!

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