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Imdadul Islamic Centre

Through a partnership between Holy Blossom and the Imdadul Islamic Centre, my mother, father, brother and I had the opportunity to prepare meals at the Imdadul mosque, where they run a program called Feed the Streets. After the 250 meals are prepared, they are delivered to various shelters around the city and in Etobicoke, including a women’s shelter, to people that are in need. When my family and I first arrived at Imdadul, the program leaders were extremely friendly, kind, funny, and welcoming. We scooped rice, served chicken, bundled cutlery, and through it all, made new friends with the people at Imdadul – many of whom we likely wouldn’t have otherwise met. With all the violence and conflict in the world, I see the importance of making connections and working together with people of different religions, nationalities, etc. to develop a new perspective and a better understanding of others. It is also important to me and to my family to volunteer our time to help people who are in need. I feel very lucky to have everything I need and appreciate that it is, in fact, luck and therefore I have a responsibility to give to others. When preparing the meals, I could just picture the smiling faces of the recipients receiving the delicious, warm meals we had all helped prepare.

By: Samantha Shulman, grade 10

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