Hello Families!

Today we began our day with a bit of Hebrew vocabulary. We counted in Hebrew, did attendance in Hebrew and sang Abel “Happy Birthday” in Hebrew!

Tefilah was particularly exciting since it was in the Philip Smith Hall today. The exciting part was that our class was called up to sing the last song for everyone! It was “oseh Shalom” – a song about peace.

Afterwards we had time with the Shinshinim. We learned a story about a mouse who seemed like he made a mess, but really he was trying to clean up and his parents misconstrued his actions. Luckily, the grandfather mouse came to explain that the baby mouse was just trying to clean up the mess. From the story we learned about forgiveness and taking responsibility for your own actions. We also played Hebrew words Broken Telephone and played dance freeze to Israeli music.

Just a reminder that there is NO CLASS next week. I’ll see everyone on Feb 24! Have a great Family Day!

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