Today we began our day by playing broken telephone with our buddies. At Tefilah, we said our prayers and talked about the importance of helping the homeless.

Back in class, we heard a longgggggg story about our forefathers and foremothers, leading all the way to Joseph and his brothers! We talked about how Abraham was the first person to believe in god, not idols. We focused on Jacob favouring Joseph and how that lead to Joseph’s brothers sending him away to Egypt, where he became almost a king for helping interpret Pharaohs dreams. All of this lead to Joseph’s brothers coming to ask for food, and not recognizing Joseph. Joseph tricked his brothers by placing his golden cup in Benjamin’s sack, and after a big commotion where the brothers begged him not to lock up Benjamin, Joseph realized his brothers had changed and revealed himself to them. All was forgiven.

Whew!! Next week we will have the corresponding craft 🙂

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