Hello Families!

This week was the birthday of the trees aka Tu B’Shvat!

We began the morning with an art comparing the trees in Israel and Canada. At Tefilah we learned a new Tu Bshvat song. The Shinshinim came to visit us and taught us a funny song about the people who plant trees in Israel, followed by colouring a picture. They also told us that in Israel Tu Bshvat is a day that everyone goes outside and cleans up a bit, and ensures their gardens are ready for planting. Plus did you know that we eat dried fruit because it was a mitzvah to eat dried fruit from Israel on Tu Bshvat? Well it’s difficult to get good fruit from Israel so people would have dried fruit, so it would last. We still do today!

We also had a birthday party today, complete with hats, plates and loot bags! Instead of a cake, we had apple slices and said the blessings on the apples.

Thanks for a great day!


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