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An evening with David Frum: A success in renewed spaces!

There was a special excitement in the Sanctuary for the David Frum conversation on January 14,  a special event from the Schwartz/Reisman Adult Education Program, and one of a series on the topic of Human Rights in the Age of Nationalism. The fully subscribed evening provided an opportunity for considering with an articulate and supremely well-informed speaker, troubling trends in the world today. Judging by the number of questions and the engaged crowd, it reaffirms our congregation’s importance as a location for significant communal conversations.

We can look at back at January 14 particular pride: it was the first large public event in our almost completed renewed spaces. The Schwartz/Reisman Atrium was a perfect venue for the hundreds of people who shared coffee and cookies with David Frum.

Thanks to everyone who attended; deep appreciation for the large and devoted cohort of volunteers and staff without whose energetic and creative support the event would not have occurred. We also benefited from event financial sponsors whose generosity was invaluable. We all look forward to the next events in this important and timely series.

Enjoy these photos from the evening



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