January 27 in Grade 1

This week in grade 1 we had a special treat: one of our madrichim read the class a story and lead a discussion about it. We also did a whole bunch of review for all the hebrew letters we’ve [...]

January 27 in JK/SK

Today we began our day by playing broken telephone with our buddies. At Tefilah, we said our prayers and talked about the importance of helping the homeless. Back in class, we heard a longgggggg [...]

January 27 in Grade 2

This past Sunday in Grade 2, we read the book “The Giving Tree.” We talked about the importance of being grateful and how the way we ask for something can impact the person we are asking. We [...]

January 21 in Grade 6

Sari’s class: We spoke about Joshua and how he had to step up as the new leader to help the Israelites. We also learned about the battle of Jericho and how the Israelites concurred the [...]

January 20 in Grade 3

This week we played Tu Beshevat Bingo and made Mitzvah trees to celebrate the BIRTHDAY of trees! We discussed planting trees in Israel, had a visit from musician, Avishai, and learnt a hebrew [...]

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