In Grade 2

This week in Grade 2 we started learning about Chanukah! We talked about the story of Chanukah and why we light the chanukiah. We learned the three different blessings that we say over the candles. Each student was able to make their own chanukiah out of construction paper and on the back we glued the blessings that we learned.

In Hebrew class we made huge progress and learned 2 new letters! We learned “Tzadee” which makes a “Tz” sound, and we learned “Koof” which makes the sound of a “K”. We also were able to learn a new vowel. It looks like a dot under the letter and it causes the letter to make an “eee” sound. Lastly, we added two new words to our Hebrew vocabulary! Tzedakah, which means charity or justice, and Mitzvah, which means commandment!

Chanukah Sameach!

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