Fears and Prayers

The day after it was announced that Israelis will go to the polls on April 9, a headline in the Times of Israel read: “Early election timing likely more to do with graft-dodging than [...]

Reform as an Insult; Reform Insulted

A court of law in Israel may soon have to decide whether to call someone Reform is an insult. Adina Bar Shalom – the daughter of the former Sephardi Chief Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, the sister of [...]

Don’t Trust in the Great

Trump supporters in Israel seem to have gone silent after his announcement that he’s bringing home the remaining 2,200 American soldiers in Syria which will give Iran a freer hand to attack us [...]

December 16 in Grade 3

Our last class before the holidays, we revisited some life cycle terms, such as, brises, baby namings, as well as the terms Tzedakah and Mitzvot. We were lucky to have a visit from the Shinshinim [...]

Will Benny Gantz Save Israel?

Israelis are getting tired of Binyamin Netanyahu. The continued saga of his possible indictment for bribery and related matters reflect his less than healthy relationship to money. The reported [...]

December 16 in Grade 2

We had a great last class in Grade 2 this week! The students faced off in a class-wide Jeopardy tournament that tested their knowledge of all the material we’ve learned so far. The categories [...]

December 17 in Grade 6

Lindsay’s Class: We ended our semester with a class on Hillel, the scholar. We discussed his life, his rivalry with Shammai, and most importantly, the incredible lessons we learned from [...]

December 16 in Grade 5

Shalom everyone We wanted to take it easy on our last day before the break, so we started with learning to say in Hebrew – I love, he loves, she loves. We all shared what we love and played [...]

December 16 in Grade 1

In Grade One, in honor of pajama day, we learned how to say “לילה טוב”, meaning good night in Hebrew. We also learned about this week’s parsha: vayehi, and how Joseph makes his [...]

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