In Grade 4

Today we had the amazing experience building memories between grandchildren and grandparents and even with a special uncle. Kids told their grand parent what they like about them. Grandparents expressed their love for their grandkids.We learned where grandparents came from, their Hebrew names, some stories about roots and tradition. The kids made a photo frame for their grand parent. Each grandparent got a little book to be written with their grand child building memories as a treasure for future generation. What a great day. Thank all for the experience.

Next week, celebrating Hanukkah in class and dedicating the new Temple space.

Gave a great week


We had a delightful day on Sunday welcoming grandparents, uncles, aunts, and even some parents for our annual Intergenerational Day. Our students and teachers were all so happy to have these wonderful visitors in school. Classes were buzzing, our service was exciting, and everyone left our building with broad smiles.

Thanks to all the grandparents and others who joined us. You are always welcome to be with us. We are proud of our students so showing the wonderful attribute of welcoming guests to our classrooms! Kol hakavod to all!


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