In Grade 5

Shalom Everyone

In Hebrew we talked about the fact that we were created in God’s image, therefore we can act in Godly ways. It was very interesting, we also looked again at root words as we learned the word life – Chayim .

I started with the help of 2 other beautiful helpers read individually with the kids to help correct some mistakes and happy that they are all  improving. As I always ask, please remind them to read at home as well.

We looked again at Joshua, Mosses successor and found some texts about him in the Torah. As God was encouraging him not to be afraid, he tells him to be strong and courageous. Chazak Ve’ematz. We shared some stories from our life of being scared but then, got special powers and went ahead with what we needed to do. It was fun.

Oh, and of course we started to talk about Hanukkah!

Looking forward to Intergenerational Day next week!


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