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This is the day the Lord has granted us to rejoice and be happy


It is with great pride and overwhelming joy that I share with all of you our upcoming musical jubilee celebration of our “CHANUKKAT HABAYIT,” our housewarming celebration on Sunday, December 2nd, 2018.

Thanks to the generous donation and support of the Spivak family, in memory of the late Dr. Manuel Spivak and the Holy Blossom Temple Sisterhood, I was able to commission a new musical composition, especially for this occasion.

Renowned composer Stephen Glass created and arranged a magnificent new composition. Its title is appropriate for the occasion for the dedication of our renewal project. We chose the text “Zeh hayomfrom Hallel Psalms of thanksgiving recited on the three pilgrim festivals. Glass used some of my own original musical melodic motifs and thematic music, which I have shared with our congregation at the installation of our Senior Rabbi Yael Splansky and recently, at the installation of our newly Associate Rabbi Jordan Helfman.

It is with great joy that the world premiere of the newly commissioned piece will come to life on Sunday, December 2nd, 2018  at our dedication ceremony.

The piece is scored for a cantor, a narrator, a mixed choir, and a piano. The composition weaves historical and liturgical themes together in a joyous celebration of this important milestone in our Temple’s history. Our three choirs will enhance our dedication with the joyous sound of music. Check below for an exclusive preview of the piece.

Be sure to partake in this celebration and together, give thanks to our newly sacred space,

Cantor Beny Maissner

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