With Friends Like That……

There’s evidence to suggest that much of the Muslim world is abandoning the Palestinians in favour of Israel. What in recent years had been covert has now become overt: Israel’s seemingly warm [...]

November 25 in Grade 7

Our Grade 7 students had a special program with Jennifer Morawetz of Ve’ahavta on Monday evening. Jennifer shared some of the issues that our city’s homeless encounter on a daily basis. Our [...]

November 25 in Grade 6

Lindsay’s class: This week we reviewed the history of Hanukkah and had a fierce debate about the importance and traditions of the holiday. We extended this debate into a conversation about [...]

November 25 in JK/SK

Hello Families! Thank you so much to everyone who was able to join us today. It was a lovely morning! I really enjoyed everyone showing their family heirlooms. We got to know a bit about [...]

November 25 in Grade 1

We had a delightful day on Sunday welcoming grandparents, uncles, aunts, and even some parents for our annual Intergenerational Day. Our students and teachers were all so happy to have these [...]

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