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The Big Finish Starts Now

Hopefully, you all got a chance to tour our Atrium and other renewed spaces-in-progress over the High Holy Day season. It was just so wonderful seeing friends and family come together in a space designed for people to do just that … come together. Waving to one another, hugging, chatting and schmoozing, either before or after services. This is what happens when a design idea just works.

And all of those wonderful community vibes were happening in the still unfinished, raw version of the spaces. Imagine what our atrium, all new Family Chapel, café, library, Judaica shop and more will look like with all of the finishing work complete! That’s exactly what will be happening these next 8 weeks, as Pomerleau, our general contractor, has moved back on site to finish off Phase 1. We expect the work to be complete sometime mid-November.

Our official opening Housewarming Event, a historic moment in the life of our Temple, is set for Sunday, December 2nd. Please mark your calendar, as it will be an afternoon of celebration and naches for the whole family – with special guests and the joyful lighting of the first Chanukah candle!

More great “momentum is building as we sprint toward the finish-line” news: We’ve had significant donations come to us in the last 2 weeks alone. Our congregation has been inspired by the space and are responding strongly with the words “Hineini: Here I am” to Rabbi Splanky’s message from the bimah and her inspirational video. Each of us, individually, saying, “I can help close the gap and do my part to raise the remaining $4.3 million needed to complete Phase 1.”

Our goal is for every congregant to contribute in a way that is meaningful and right for them. To discuss your Renewal Gift, please contact Jonathan Ain, Director of Development, at [email protected] or 416.789.3291 ext. 249. It would be a wonderful thing if we could celebrate our Housewarming Event on Dec. 2nd with fundraising for Phase 1 complete, or very close to it.

As always, we thank you for all your support, financial and otherwise, of our Renewal Project!

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