In Grade 5

Shalom Everyone

Talking about our prophets, we introduce our first three prophets, read about them in three groups and then interviewed each other to see what each one liked or disliked in his role, how each one became a prophet, what made them good prophet etc. This way we’ve learned more about the three prophets that we started with – Samuel Ezekiel and Hosea. Next week we will make some summaries about our prophets and also create ads: looking for prophets.

Thank you for the family trees that you sent, we will look at them next week, as we really needed to do some serious studying on Sunday.

In Hebrew we started the first prayer of the Amidah, Fathers and Mothers “Avot ve Imahot” . We have learned two prefixes AND –Ve, and THE – Ha, and a suffix US/OUR –Noo . We are working on fluency and accuracy in reading . As the time is so short, please ask your child to read to you or to their siblings or read with the help of the computer .I sent a copy of the prayer home.
There is no need for registration or password just follows the instructions below: . It is an excellent tool to learn, review and catch up with the class. Enter the site practice prayer, click on the tool bar- learn, choose from the drop menu Hebrew, click on @home, click on Hinneni 2 (Red) and choose the prayer you want. Musical notes located by the prayer signify that you can listen to the singing of the prayer.

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