The Jewish Community has launched the #ShowUpForShabbat campaign, calling on both Jews and non-Jews to fill synagogues throughout North America this coming Shabbat

October 28th in Grade 2

This week in Grade 2 we learned about what mitzvahs are! We learned that there are 613 mitzvahs written in the Torah and we came up with a few of our own and wrote them on our “Mitzvah Tree”. In [...]

Israeli Democracy Challenged

“Wie es sich christelt, so judelt es sich.” This phrase can perhaps best be paraphrased as, “the Christian effect on Jewish life,” which is also the title of an important work by Rabbi Dr. [...]

October 28th in Grade 4

This past Sunday, we had a day of praying together and comforting each other. We continued talking about the connection between Am Yisrael (the Jeiwsh people) and Eretz Yisrael (the Land of [...]

October 28th in Grade 3

This past week all students brought in their Hebrew names and we decorated the class with them. We also looked up the English meaning of all our names, which was fun! We continued discussing the [...]

October 28th in JK/SK

Hello Families! We hope you are doing well. We began this week with a visit from the Shinshinim. They told us about folk dance, a very popular dance in Israel. We tried it with Israeli music, and [...]

October 28th in Grade 1

This week Grade 1 learned two new words in Hebrew: דגל (flag) and דג (fish). Since we learned about fish, we made our very own fish drawings in class! We also had a visit from our Shinshinim, Lia [...]

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