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Senior School & JTEM started!

We had a very exciting opening to our Senior School (Grade 6 & 7) and JTEM (Grades 8-10) programs Monday night. After a quick pizza snack, we gathered in the Youth Chapel to learn about all of the variety of youth/family programs available for this age cohort – and there are many. Some social, some volunteer, really something for everyone!

Students then watched a clip from a Star Wars movie – the clip where Darth Vader saves Luke Skywalker from the Emperor. IN a climactic scene, Darth Vader destroys the Emperor to save his son’s life. We then posed the question to our students, was this a final act of Teshuva – repentance – for Darth Vader. How are our students acting on their own forms of repentance as we approach Yom Kippur?

Students also had a chance to meet their teachers and learn more about the curriculum for the coming year. We ended the evening with a visit from our favourite ice cream truck in the Holy Blossom parking lot! A great evening.

Our next class is on Monday, October 15th at 6:30 PM.

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