In Grade 4

It was a blessing to meet the students and their families on our first day of school!
We took almost all the time getting knowing each other, and learning the meaning of the High Holy Days.
We had our first Service and we are excited that Grade 4 are going to be “buddies” with Grade 1 during Service; it is a great opportunity to show what is to be a role model.
During Hebrew we did review to refresh any reading skills that might have faded over the summer. As I said to the students, it is absolutely normal to forget a language when we don’t practice it for so long, we will be back to top speed in no time!
We played some games and we finished with Gmar Chatima Tova concept: May we all be blessed with a good life for this New Year!

Looking ahead:
Sunday, September 23: Sukkah decorating!
Friday, September 28: Family Shabbat with special guests Grade 4 and 5
Sunday, September  30: Apple picking at Chudleigh’s

Gmar Chatima Tova,
Sandra Merovic, Grade 4 teacher

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