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Shanah Tovah, friends.

Last week during Rosh Hashanah, after 20 months of construction, we were all able to see, touch and explore our magnificent Atrium and other renewed spaces at Holy Blossom.

Gathering as we did before and after services, we all got a first-hand glimpse of how this central space brings us together as a community. To chat, laugh, share stories and just generally enjoy each other’s company. Comments on the architecture and design elements were so very positive, as so many of us took the time to wander and see (with the help of renderings depicting the finished product) our Phase 1 spaces in progress – our new library, Judaica shop, Family Chapel, café and more.

And we’re looking forward to doing it all again during Yom Kippur! If you haven’t yet toured the space, please do, either before or after services. After the High Holy Days, Pomerleau, our general contractor, will go back to work for a period of 6-8 weeks to finish the job. Which means that all of our Phase 1 spaces will be finished and useable sometime in early November.

Our official opening Housewarming Celebration, truly a historic moment in the life of our Temple, is set for Sunday, December 2nd. Please mark your calendar, as it will be an afternoon of celebration and naches for the whole family – including the joyful lighting of the first Chanukah candle!

As it stands now, we’ve raised over $28.5 million toward our Phase 1 target, with significant donations coming in just this last week alone – congregants inspired by the space and wanting to give, or increase their gifts. How wonderful is that! With less than $4.4 million to raise, we all now have the opportunity to step forward and respond personally with the words, “Hineini. Here I am.”

If you missed Rabbi Splansky’s video to the congregation about “Hineini. Here I am.” sent via email yesterday, you can watch it by clicking here or on the video box above. How brilliant it would be to celebrate our Housewarming with Phase 1 fully funded, or as close to it as possible!

Our goal (and frankly, our need) is for every congregant to contribute in a way that is meaningful and right, for you and your family. To discuss your Renewal Gift, please contact Jonathan Ain, Director of Development, at [email protected] or 416.789.3291 ext. 249.

Once again, Shanah Tovah – and thank you for all your support, financial and otherwise, of our Renewal Project!


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  • Michael Greenstein

    Singular and plural, “hineini” and “aleinu.” As we gathered in the new Atrium there was a mood of “hineinu” — the plural of a community. Within Buber’s “I-Thou” relationship there is room for the “I-We” of communal space, as the Donors’ Wall contributes to the Living Wall.

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