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A Shem Tov: Gary Posen is named Warden of Holy Blossom Temple

At Holy Blossom Temple the name “Gary Posen” is synonymous with Trust.  Gary served on the Temple Board, was a Vice President tracked for the Presidency when he was asked to fill an even greater need as Holy Blossom’s Executive Director.  Gary successfully filled that role until his retirement.  Since then he has continued to serve the congregation as a devoted volunteer.  He was chair of our Out of the Cold chapter, chair of our Nominating Committee, and served on the Physical Transition Committee, to name just a few of the leadership roles he has played.  Gary is a lifelong learner who attends many lectures and our weekly Yiddish Class and Gary is a regular worshipper on Shabbat and Yom Tov.  Most recently Gary was called upon to step in when our current Executive Director, Russ Joseph, needed extra support.  Gary did not hesitate.  Each and every time he answers the call with “Hineini,” “Here I am.”

And so The Temple Board, with the enthusiastic support of our Past Presidents, has bestowed upon Gary the title of Warden of Holy Blossom Temple.  It is an honour reserved only for a rare few.  Gary now joins fellow Wardens, David Hart and Mary Seldon who also have demonstrated extraordinary service over many years.

May God continue to bless Gary Posen with strength of body and strength of spirit, so he may know joy and length of days with his beloved family and with his beloved congregation.  May God continue to fill his hands with blessing, as he continues to serve and strengthen Holy Blossom Temple.

(This is drawn from Rabbi Splansky’s words when Gary Posen was called to the Torah for a special Aliyah on the Second Day of Rosh HaShanah.)  

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  • Phyllis Denaburg

    Well deserved Gary! It was a pleasure to chair OOTC with you, and serve on various committees over the years. The Temple would not be the same without your smiling face, and calm demeanour. We look forward to many more years with you helping to guide the ship.

    And thanks Ann for sharing Gary with us.!

  • Anita and Michael Greenstein

    Mazel Tov to Gary Posen

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