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The Nominating Committee hereby provides its report to the Congregation for consideration by members of the Temple at the Annual General Meeting on Sunday, November 18, 2018.

The Committee would like to thank all the individuals who talked to our Committee members on the phone or in person and those who met with the Committee to discuss in greater detail their interest in serving on the Board of Directors.

The Committee has nominated Board members consistent with Sections 2.1 and 2.4 of the Bylaw, as follows:

The Committee nominates as Officers:

President: Judy Winberg (1 year remaining on term)

Vice President At Large: Darren Sukonick (2-year term)
Vice President Administration: Avra Rosen* (1-year term)
Vice President Development: Alison Schwartz (2-year term)
Vice President Education: Dylan Aster (1 year remaining on term)
Vice President Finance: Adam Stiavnicky**, *** (2-year term)
Vice President Kehillah Kedosha (“Sacred Community”)****: Julie Solomon (2-year term)
Vice President Tikkun Olam (“Social Justice”) and Israel: Jill Witkin (2-year term)
Vice President Membership: Cheryl Sylvester (1-year term)
Vice President Worship: Gerry Prendergast (2-year term)

Immediate Past President (ex officio): Joan Garson (1 year remaining on term)

*also, Secretary/Treasurer
**also Financial Secretary

*** Adam will be stepping down from his final year as a Director to be elected as an Officer

**** Jill Witkin will be stepping down from this position to enable Julie’s election

The Committee nominates as Directors for a three-year term

Maddie Axelrod
Ellen Cole
Tom Friedland
Adam Sniderman

The following Directors have two years remaining on their terms:

Elana Paice-Lidsky
Mark Goodman

The following Directors have one year remaining on their terms:

Jeff Baker
Corrine Black
Mike Morgulis (completing the unexpired term of Steve Rayson)

The Committee expresses its appreciation to those directors who have served the Temple well and will be retiring from the Board:

Jeff Denaburg
Jascha Jabes
Jeff Meilach
Mark Schlossberg
Vanessa Yakobson

Additional candidates for any position may be nominated by members of the Temple. Nominations must be submitted in writing to the administrative office of the Temple on or before Wednesday, October 17, 2018, signed by at least 10 Temple members in good standing and by the nominated member.

Rick Howard,
Chair, Nominating Committee

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