The Reward for Firebombing a Synagogue

Last December, the synagogue in my Swedish hometown of Gothenburg was firebombed. One of the apprehended perpetrators is a Palestinian. He participated in the torching, he said, as a response to [...]

September 23rd in Grade 4

We had a busy and fun day in Grade 4! We made decorations for the Sukkah, spent some time with the Shinshinim, and played games to learn about Sukkot and Simchat Torah! I hope to see you at [...]

September 23rd in Grade 5

Shalom everyone! We had such a great day on Sunday. We started by learning about the holiday of Sukkot,recited the blessings and made some decorations for our Sukkah. We had for the first time a [...]

September 23rd in Grade 1

In first grade we began our exciting preparations for consecration! First, we gathered with parents in the youth chapel to learn about the torah with Rabbi Helfman, who also unraveled a real [...]

September 23rd in JK/SK

Hello Families! We had such a busy day! We learned all about Sukkot, lulav, and etrog. We talked about the importance of decorating the sukkah, and making sure it looks pretty. We decorated CDs [...]

September 23rd in Grade 3

This past Sunday was a blast as we spent most of the morning working on a collaborative decoration for the Sukkah. We made an Ushpizin/Ushpizot board to acknowledge the “invisible” [...]

September 23rd in Grade 2

This week in Grade 2 we learned about the holiday of Sukkot! We talked about the “Lulav” and “Etrog” and how we say blessings over them as we shake them. We learned about what a Sukkah is and why [...]

September 17, 2018 in Senior School

Senior School & JTEM started! We had a very exciting opening to our Senior School (Grade 6 & 7) and JTEM (Grades 8-10) programs Monday night. After a quick pizza snack, we gathered in the [...]

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