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Why we love to belong to Holy Blossom…

We live in a modern, complex world. A place where our faith, values and cultural traditions give us the strong foundation we need to navigate life’s challenges and opportunities.

As a young family, Holy Blossom Temple has become an important spiritual extension of our home, helping us enhance our Jewish identity and feel connected to our community.

Life is busy raising little kids – it truly takes a village. Every parent strives to teach their kids what they need to become worldly, thoughtful and caring people. We can’t do it alone, but we don’t have to: Holy Blossom has been a wonderful partner, helping our two young boys discover their Jewish identity, and learn our shared history and cultural traditions. They enjoy Sunday morning religious school and the KEF (Hebrew for “fun”) aftercare programs, including “Jewnior Chefs”, Lego and Pawsitively Pets. The teachers are warm and welcoming, with lots of youthful energy to engage them in class and beyond. We love socializing our boys around temple, making it a regular part of our weekly routine, and a special part of our religious holidays and family celebrations. We love HBT’s family activities that bring us together with our kids, whether in making crafts to decorate the Temple’s lovely sukkot, or doing mitzvot as part of HBT’s Out of the Cold Project, reminding us how fortunate we are and how important it is to give back.

We take comfort in the support Holy Blossom gives our family. We know that in life, there are ups and downs, joyful celebrations and times of pain and sacrifice. As our family’s needs will change over the years, we are comforted knowing that HBT is a welcoming community with a generous spirit to help guide and support us. Any institution is only as strong as the people who lead it – we are so fortunate to have such exemplary, forward-thinking leaders like Rabbi Yael Splansky and Rabbi Jordan Helfman to guide us along this unpredictable journey.

We want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We are very excited about HBT’s impressive renewal project, and we are delighted to continue supporting fundraising, membership and parent engagement efforts to do this. Through this commitment, we feel connected to something that will grow over time, creating a legacy for our children and their families to enjoy for generations to come.

David, Sarah, Max and Jacob Kaufman

Life can blossom here.

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As a young family, Holy Blossom Temple has become an important spiritual extension of our home, helping us enhance our Jewish identity and feel connected to our community Read more »

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