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Support Social Action at Holy Blossom

At Holy Blossom Temple, we are a congregation that cares about others.

One core value that animates a significant amount of our programming hinges on the notion of Tikkun Olam, which literally means “Repairing the World” and which we seek to accomplish through Social Action. Led by our clergy, lay and professional leaders, Holy Blossom and its membership are at the core of innovative social action programs in Toronto, Canada, and around the world.

Some of our Tikkun Olam programming relates to education and advocacy, while other parts involve our congregants’ hands-on participation assisting the vulnerable.

The Temple’s longest running and largest Tikkun Olam initiative is our Out of the Cold program.  During November to March, from Thursday evening until Friday morning, as many as 2000 guests gather in our building to receive meals, a warm place to sleep for the night and compassionate fellowship from the hundreds of volunteers who participate in this flagship program.

Other programs connect us with current issues of international significance. For example, this past winter, news from Israel emerged about the plight of African Asylum seekers and refugees.. Building on our prior experience assisting Syrian refugees, there is now an opportunity for congregants to sponsor those of the Asylum seekers and refugees in Israel who are able to come to Canada.

Our congregation’s ability to continue our innovative programming and to blaze new trails in the area of social justice depends on your generosity. All of our Temple’s services and programs – including those that support social action – are funded by our membership contributions and the generous donations made to the Holy Blossom Annual Congregational Appeal. By making an annual contribution above and beyond your sustaining membership, you ensure that all who wish to are able to participate in Holy Blossom Temple, regardless of financial circumstances.

By supporting the Annual Appeal, you are supporting a compassionate Holy Blossom Temple Community, connected to those less fortunate who need our help – be they local or global, Jewish or non-Jewish.

If you have already supported the Annual Appeal, thank you. To make your gift, please click here or call Anna Gurevich at 416-789-3291 ext. 227.

Holy Blossom – Life Can Blossom Here.

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