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High Holy Days Family Services 5779

Family Services Families with newborns to teenagers (and sometimes beyond) come together for a service with fast-paced music and a story. During these services, parents model engagement in the music and the text, following along and praying so loud that our children can’t help but want to sing over us.

Feel free to use the take-a-break rooms if you have children under 8 years of age. Please stay with your children in these rooms. Don’t hesitate to bring snacks and quiet activities like books, for the pews and the take-a-break room. You know when your kids are making the right amount of noise and when they need to take-a-break.

On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur afternoons, join us for our Little Blossoms (ages 0-5) and Young Readers (ages 6-8) services – with music and movement for the youngest, and some storytelling and reading for the young readers in our community. If this will be your first time at Holy Blossom, we invite them to come to these two services as our guests, free of charge. Please contact Tema Smith to pre-book your tickets at [email protected].

Teen Kol Nidrei Service (13-18) takes place at 8:30 pm on Kol Nidrei, and is a space where teens can have meaningful conversations about the themes of the High Holy Days with their peers.

Tashlich and Picnic on Rosh Hashanah afternoon (4:45 pm) in Cedarvale Ravine

The Tashlich ceremony is a chance for families to cast bread into the flowing water which symbolizes casting away our sins and is also a great occasion to meet more of the Holy Blossom community.

Neilah service at the end of Yom Kippur (around 6:30 pm).

Neilah sees out Yom Kippur, and many children join us in the Philip Smith Congregation Hall as we pass out glow sticks and blow the Shofar one final time as the setting sun swings closed the Gates of Repentance.


New this year! High Holy Day babysitting for Children (Age 0-10). Many of our adults book a babysitter for a service, and come ‘solo’ to Kol Nidrei, to experience the splendour of our adult services.

This is a great way of taking time for your own reflection. This year, look out for information about babysitting here at HBT.

Learn more about High Holy Days Babysitting here

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