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Beit Olam at Glenview Memorial Gardens

At Beit Olam, Jews will be buried with all the Jewish rites and rituals, while having the comfort of being laid to rest alongside their loved ones.  To Honour the Deceased (K’vod haMeit) and To Comfort Mourners (Nichum Aveilim) are essential mitzvot. With the establishment of Beit Olam, we will further our ability to do both with dignity and compassion. Glenview Cemetery is pleased to provide the Jewish community with an identifiably Jewish burial section, which will preserve the Jewish Heritage in their serene landscapes.

Beit Olam is intended for persons of Jewish faith, interfaith families, and those with Jewish connections. Burial within Beit Olam is to be made in accordance with Jewish customs and protocols, and monuments are expected to contain Jewish symbols or be non-denominational. All burials and monuments at Beit Olam will be respectful of the Jewish nature of the gardens. Only Jewish clergy, or our designates, will officiate at the burial services. Beit Olam will be surrounded by borders and roads to delineate it from the rest of the Glenview Cemetery.

A Rabbinic Advisory Group will oversee all of Beit Olam and ensure that our established Standards of Ritual and Practice are honoured and upheld.

To find out more about Beit Olam, please contact Cindy Zimmer at ext. 229 or [email protected] 

Glenview Cemetery is a tranquil blend of natural beauty, manicured landscapes, and magnificent perennial garden beds.  To learn more about Glenview Memorial Gardens, please visit their website here.


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