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My membership builds Jewish programming for adults in their 20s and 30s

When I moved back to Toronto after university, the city’s “large synagogue scene” hardly seemed like a welcoming place for twenty-somethings. Many of my friends seemed to be gravitating towards small grassroots Jewish communities downtown, but I struggled to find one to call my own: as a committed Reform Jew, I was uncomfortable with the practices of some organizations; as a grad student, I was priced out of several others. But over the past years, I have found in Holy Blossom a community of young adults that is much more vibrant than it felt when I left for university. I value that our community is welcoming and progressive. I admire that we never hesitate to lead social action initiatives. I appreciate that Holy Blossom’s leadership truly cares about our voice in the overall congregation and that people in our cohort are invited to be part of that leadership. Holy Blossom – and especially the 20-30s group that I’ve been part of for several years – feels dynamic, intimate, and inviting in a way that I wouldn’t have expected from a large synagogue. I’m glad to be part of such a great community!

Life can blossom here.

Adam Sniderman

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