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One of the most impactful Jewish experiences of my life was traveling with the American Jewish World Service, building agricultural infrastructure in Mexico.  When we think to the Jewish experiences which have changed our lives, sometimes they take place in a special Simcha at Holy Blossom Temple – but for many of us, an interaction traveling away from our homes has transformed us.

This year, Holy Blossom Temple is offering two transformative trips in collaboration with Operation Groundswell.  Imagine learning Jewish text while sitting next to a waterfall or immersing yourself in questions of justice while smelling freshly roasted coffee grown by the people you are learning from.  If you have children 8 or older, or you are in your 20s or 30s, you can join our Brewing Justice trip to Guatemala, where we will pray with our sister Reform synagogue, say motzi over corn tortillas, and drink in the beauty of God’s creation, all while questioning the foundations of the world we live in here in Canada, and growing as Jews and as human beings through this process.

Information for the Family Trip is found here:

For information on the 20s and 30s trip, e-mail Rabbi Helfman: [email protected]

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