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Celebrating Art with the Bikur Cholim Committee

Last night, The Bikur Cholim committee organized an Arts Night. The participants, under the guidance of Dena Perlmutar and Lesley Miller, learned about and then created the meditative art of mandala and zen tangle. This evening was a program to also learn about the good work of the Bikur Cholim committee whose mandate is visit, call, and care for our congregants who are ill or in need of community.

If you want to volunteer or want more info, email Rabbi Satz [email protected].


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  • Lesley Miller

    It was a honour to work with Rabbi Satz and the Bikur Cholim Committee on the Art Night. The enthusiastic group heard about the important work of the visiting those who are ill and staying in touch with those who are isolated. The participants created beautiful art and had a great time. Yasher Koach!

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