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Thank you to everyone who supported this year’s HABSTY Bagel Project. Once again, it was a huge success! From the teens who spent evenings calling our members for orders, to those of you who ordered and donated online, our Saturday night packing crew, and of course our volunteer drivers who delivered bagel breakfasts this past Sunday morning.  This project is strengthened by the contribution of each volunteer who helps out along each step of the process.

Every year, I receive such positive feedback from recipients of a bagel breakfast, who tell me how lovely our delivery people are, and how impressed they are with the breakfast. I get phone calls from congregants who are so complimentary about the teens who call their homes to take orders, and to let us know what a great job we are doing. It is truly a sense of pride.

The most rewarding part of the Bagel Project is being able to provide a special breakfast to women and children who currently find themselves living in a number of our city’s shelters, and who are victims of domestic violence, abuse, or find themselves homeless. This year, we delivered breakfast as well as needed toiletries and personal hygiene items to close to 200 women and children.  When I contact the shelters to offer breakfast to their residents, my phone call is always met with such gratitude, and many of the shelters that we deliver to year after year look forward to our phone call, and let us know how much their residents enjoy the breakfast.

This Monday, for the second year in a row, my mother and I continued our own new Mother’s Day tradition. Together, we went to deliver breakfast and other supplies to three of the shelters.  At each location, we were met warmly by both staff and some residents, who helped us unload the car, and were so grateful for our donation and delivery.  I am so proud of our Holy Blossom community that we are able to make this contribution and gesture to women and children in our city.

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    On the Bagel Mother’s Day Project I must congratulate you Lisa on the great job you do and have done throughout the years with the teens. This year the mother’s day delivery was timely, and freshest roses! The rose still fresh and beautiful today! It has particular importance as my son arranged delivery before he went to Israel! The rose is his presence!

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