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Reaching to the sky

This past week, members of the Building Committee had a once-in-a-lifetime experience when we climbed to the top of the recently-erected scaffolding that now, temporarily, fills our gorgeous Atrium.  This solid, secure structure, enables multiple numbers of skilled tradespeople to work on the walls of both the original 1937 building, as well as the walls of the school wing, at the same time without getting in each other’s way.  This process will accelerate the pace of restoration work as we dash towards the finish line, with our planned opening of later this summer, prior to the High Holidays.

The Committee was in awe as we climbed to the underside of the new, glass skylight.  We felt that we could almost touch the sky.  We marveled at the dot fretwork in the glass that will provide both a light filtering effect to the Atrium and will also assist with climate control.

As we walked towards the south side of the structure, the view out over the City was amazing.  Our architects have assured us that as one moves through both the second and third floors of the renewed Phase 1 space, dramatic views to the south will be equally as breathtaking.

As you know, Phase 1 of our Project includes not only our light-filled Central Atrium, but also our brand new Family Chapel, Café, Youth Lounge, Judaica Shop, Library, modern heating and cooling systems and more … all in a LEED Silver Certified, environmentally-friendly building.

Photos of the inside of the atrium from above and below the scaffolding can be seen here:

 Aleinu … It is upon US.

 In the last edition, we told you that our Phase 1 fundraising had surpassed the $27.5 million mark. More good news after a couple of strong fundraising weeks: we have now raised $27,870,875 for Phase 1!

To start your own conversation about joining your fellow congregants in making a pledge to the Renewal Project and helping us to achieve our goal of fully funding Phase 1 in time for our planned opening before the upcoming High Holy Days, please contact Director of Development, Jonathan Ain at 416-789-3291, extension 249 or email [email protected].

As always, we thank you for your continued readership, viewership and support (financial and otherwise) of our Renewal Project.

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