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Beyond Words!

Beyond words cannot describe the joy pride and amazement of our experience in ROSH PINAH the most beautiful, serene, and picturesque spot in Israel (especially during the heightened days of celebration ISRAEL’S 70th birthday).

I immediately felt a connection with the Anna and Sharon, the directors of this new music school. To be in the presence of these three youngsters, and their parents glowing with pride and “Nachat,” was a gift to Hope and myself. Their performance was musical virtuosity. You cannot imagine the tears flowing down our faces with emotional excitement for these musicians to come and perform for us.

I urge grandparents parents and grandchildren to come enjoy and be enriched by the amazing talent and resources we discovered, once again, in our Israel.   The program will consist of a full array of Jewish classical, modern, and folk music.


Please enjoy some photos and a video of my incredible time visiting with the Musicians of Tomorrow:

If you haven’t yet purchased TICKETS for yourself and your family, please call or email HBT as soon as possible.  If you can’t attend personally, treat your children and/or your grandchildren.

Adults: $36

Students 18 and under: $18

Contact Mari Lynn Rusak at 416-789-3291 Ext. 224 or email [email protected]

Let’s fill Holy Blossom’s sanctuary with the music of these incredibly gifted youngsters!! ♬

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