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Monday Night Blog – Holy Blossom Temple

Rabbi Bill S. Tepper

It is among the beauties of our Jewish tradition that we celebrate learning – though not learning defined by ‘start’ and ‘finish’ dates.  Rather, we as Jews rejoice in life-long learning; learning from which flows ongoing intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth.   And learning from which flows more-compassionate and inclusive communities.

Thus, even if Holy Blossom’s Monday Night students last nigh, ended a rewarding 2017-2018 period of study, they also ‘began’ the continuation of their learning – by way of graduation, involvement in the  Youth Group [‘HABSTY’], Temple life, and on into adulthood.   With learning comes understanding, and through understanding their is responsibility for and commitment towards tikkun – the betterment of our world.

We are thankful.  As teachers, we are thankful to colleagues and leadership for their encouragement.   We are thankful to our students’ parents for their support of our endeavours.  And we are thankful to our students – who inspire us and with whom we share the sacred task of learning.

A healthy and joyous summer to everyone.

And l’hitraot – we will see you again.


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