In Grade 7

Sacred Relationhips, Sacred Deeds

Rabbi Bill S. Tepper,  Holy Blossom Temple Grade 7 Faculty Member

 What makes a relationship sacred?  And what are sacred deeds? 

 Last night, Holy Blossom Temple’s Grade 7 students explored the nature of marriage, and the holiness with which our Jewish tradition imbues it.  We discussed the rituals associated with a marriage ceremony, as well as the trust, willingness to partner and compromise, and listening skills from which flow long-lasting relationships.  We also examined different ketubot – the Jewish marriage contracts – provided by Rabbi Tepper and Rabbi Helfman.  

 In the second half of our evening, students listened to their friends in Grade 8 share thoughts regarding ‘JTEM,’  the ‘Jewish Teen Experience Midtown’ opportunity available to them next year, and a reminder that Jewish learning – sacred deed that it is –  need not conclude at Bat or Bar Mitzvah.   

As well, students took part in a program guided by Jennifer Morawetz of V’ahavta – an organization that responds to the needs of Toronto’s economically and socially deprived citizens.   Students engaged in hypothetical situations requiring them to draw on limited financial resources – a powerful experience in realizing ‘how the other half lives.’  As our Jewish tradition teaches us:  responding to those less-fortunate than us is both a sacred deed and an ethical imperative.   

Sh’vua tov – a good and healthy week to all!


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