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Dear Parents:

Today’s Grade 3 blurb and photographs are brought to you by news reporters Bella and Abby and photographers Leo and Noah!

The students are helping to document our class “trip to Israel.” Today we took off and arrived at Ben Gurion airport. We spent the day exploring Tel Aviv’s innovative hot spot. The students worked together to come up with creative inventions to solve different problems that they have seen in the world. Here’s Bella and Abby:

“This is breaking news, live from Holy Blossom Temple. We’ve learned that Israel has made many cool and useful inventions, such as Waze, Soda Stream, etc. Also, everyone in our class as drawn out some ideas for apps/inventions. For example, Abigail Ross has drawn out an app called ‘Tipo.’ This app is used for people that cannot write. What they would do is they would say something into their phone and attach a special pencil to their phone and the pencil will write down what you said. Isabella Angel has drawn out an app called ‘Beast Mode.’ This app tells you the perfect workouts that you should do. Israel is like a nation of innovation!”

Next week we will continue our trip through Israel!

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