Hello Parents!

Welcome back!  I heard that everyone had a wonderful Passover. I also heard that lots of children in my class found the afikomen. They were very excited to tell me. Congratulations to all the finders!

Today we spent time learning about Israel and her 70th birthday! She’s looking great for 70, don’t you think? 😉

We learned that the Jewish people didn’t have a land of their own for a very long time, and how it was hard for them. Often the Jewish people had trouble making friends or finding work. When they finally were given Israel 70 years ago they were so happy. They finally had a place to go! It was especially exciting because Jerusalem was the home of the Temple. We learned about the Kotel/Western Wall and it’s importance to the Jewish people. The children were fascinated to learn about the notes put in the cracks of the Kotel.

We talked about the Israeli flag, and finger painted our own versions. We learned the Hebrew words for blue and white – kachol v’lavan – and learned how to make a Magen David. It was a wonderful morning!

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