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Last week in Grade 3, we had a “guest tourist” on our trip to Masada! Lindsay Mockler came in to supply teach today, and took the students on an interactive climb up mount Masada in Israel. Here’s Isaac reporting from the scene:

Today on Sunday “yawn,” some Hebrew class is going to Masada from Tel Aviv. It’s your host Izaakia. Now on the bus about to depart and the tour guide is stamping passports. The tour guide is showing us a video about Masada… looks interesting. No internet or water! Even no air conditioning! We are going to base camp –  surprisingly I’m not dead! Uh oh… we’re going to hike up now. Too many stairs in Masada. Joseph telling us stuff. Joseph detailed history in small for someone in there. We learned about the Jewish zealots who moved to Masada to avoid to Romans who wanted to Jews to convert. The Jews decided that they did not want to be slaves, that they would rather die. Romans are mean… they think the Jews are alive when they are coming up. What a terrible surprise. We are now back down the mountain and on the bus. Peace out! -Izaakia

This week in Grade 3, we took a bus from Masada to Jerusalem to go and visit the Western Wall. Photographs were taken by Eden. Here is Seraphina reporting from Jerusalem:

Today at Holy Blossom we learned that in Jerusalem they have a big wall that you can put notes into and pray at. They have a girls’ section and a boys’ section. Girls are not allowed in the boys’ section, unless they are very young and enter with a parent. Boys have prayer books in their section, and it is much larger. Girls do not have books in their section. People put notes in the cracks in the wall, and sometimes get lifted to put their notes up high. Boys can read from the torah in their section, but girls cannot read from the torah in the girls’ section. You can be arrested as a woman for going on the boys side, and also for reading from the torah – girls can get in jail really easily. When we went to Jerusalem, we wrote notes to God and stuck them in the wall. We wrote notes about what we want and what we want for everyone in the whole world. There is a beautiful temple and big walls.  They have really old walls in Jerusalem.

**On Sunday, May 13th, we will be having a Hebrew games fair. Parents are invited between 11:30 and 12:30 to come and play the Hebrew games that the students have been creating in class! We hope you will join us!**

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