In Grade 6

Our Grade 6 students had an opportunity to learn with the Shinshinim. They learned about the “Shvil Yisrael”, the Israeli National Hiking Trail. Israelis love to hike. They all do it, from the time that they are in grade school through their adult years.  To be Israeli is to be a hiker!

Noa and Ido shared the many beautiful places along the trail, showing the mountains in the north to the deserts in the south and wonderful water in between. Steady hiking of the whole trail takes about 2 months, people take time  to hike the whole thing or even portions of the trails. It is beautifully marked to keep all hikers focused and on the right path. Keeping it in perspective, if one wanted to drive the entire country from North to South it would only take about 6 hours!

It was great leaning with the Grade 6 students – we look forward to more fun times together!

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