In Grade 7

Transformative Waters

On Monday March 5, Holy Blossom’s Grade 7 students visited Toronto’s Reform Community Mikvah in Thornhill.   Owing to the skillful guidance of shomeret  (watchperson) Robin Leszner, students discussed and reflected upon the importance of the mikvah in our Jewish lives.   We learned how the mikvah’s soothing waters can be transformative; that is, facilitating the change from one stage of life to another (Bar and Bat Mitzvah, marriage, and recovery from illness or injury, to name a few).

Several students went ahead and ‘took the plunge,’ immersing themselves (‘t’vilah,’ in Hebrew) into the water and experiencing first-hand the mikvah’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual effects.

We thank Robin Leszner for her generous support and assistance in making this program happen.   Todah Rabbah!

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