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Dear Parents,

This week we made puppets for the Purim story. The students did an outstanding job at making them look amazing! Then we had the students re-enact the story of Purim using their puppets it was really nice.

We also had the pleasure of making groggers so that when they listen to the Megillah this week,  they can use them to drown out Haman’s name. The Grade 3s worked on a word search and they had to figure out the missing message, hopefully they figured it out!

This week on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 we are asking all families to join as at Holy Blossom for the reading of the Megillah. Therefore, there won’t be classes this week at the Fairlawn campus. Classes will resume on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 when we will begin learning about Passover.

Purim at Holy Blossom 2018


Daniella Lebow

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