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Temple Staff Updates

Over the past few months we have had several changes to the Temple’s professional staff.  The following provides information so that you can contact the appropriate person when you have questions:

Robert Carnevale, Director of Communications, left us to pursue other interests in August.

Deanna Levy joined us during late November.  She is the Director of Marketing and Communications.  Deanna can be reached at extension 246 or, by email, to [email protected]

Yael Scutaru, Administrator of Cemeteries and Membership Coordinator, left in November.

Cindy Zimmer has been transferred from our Foundation to become Manager of Member Services.  Cindy is responsible for selling plots in all of our cemeteries and looks after administrative matters related to these activities.  In addition, she also looks after the administration of our memberships and all matters relating to that.  Cindy can be reached at extension 229 or by email, to [email protected]

Tuula Heinar has joined the Holy Blossom team and is providing administrative support to both the Foundation and to the Department of Development.  Tuula can be reached at extension 227 or by email, to [email protected]

Tali Katz, Temple’s systems administrator and database analyst, left us just last week to pursue other interests.

Andrew Jackman has joined our team as a contract database administrator.  He can be reached at extension 222 or, by email, to [email protected]

Chello Sittambalam, Temple’s Manager of Accounting, has retired after 15 years of service.  We wish Chello good health and much happiness in his retirement.

Marlene Orenbach has taken on the position as Interim Accounting Manager while we look for a permanent replacement for Chello.  Marlene can be reached at extension 254 or, by email, to [email protected]

Jim Westcott, formerly Facilities Manager, has been promoted to Director of Facilities.  Jim can be reached at extension 230 or by email, to [email protected]

We thank all those who have moved on for their past service and wish them well.

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