In Grade 1

Dear Parents,

This week we learned about the mitzvot that we did and I’m so happy to hear that the students are helping with breakfast and sharing with their friends or siblings. It’s so nice to see the students doing mitzvot and helping others.

In honor of Purim which is on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 we made masks and the students did an amazing job on them! They really took time to make them look beautiful. I would love to see you all this Wednesday when we read the story of Purim from the Megillah.

Next week we will begin learning all about Passover and singing the Ma Nishtana. We will also continue to learn the Aleph Bet. It was so nice to see you all dressed up in costumes and I hope that everyone had a great time at the carnival!  Please bring Tzedakah each week I would really appreciate it.


Daniella Lebow

Purim at Holy Blossom 2018

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