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“More Than Just A Book”

Have you ever imagined – should you find yourself alone a deserted island – the one book you could have with you?  ‘Alice in Wonderland?’   ‘Huckleberry Finn?’  ‘Anne of Green Gables?’   ‘Harry Potter?’ 

For many Jews that one book would be a siddur; that is, the ‘order’ [as the Hebrew word siddur implies] of our prayers and blessings, in addition to significant texts from Torah.  The siddur is more than just a book.  It is a window, gateway, and opening towards connecting with our Jewish tradition, community, and the God of Israel.  

During our February 26 Grade 7 class at Holy Blossom Temple students had the opportunity to explore and discuss an array of siddurim, representing different persuasions of Judaism, as well as different eras of Jewish history.  Students also had the opportunity to write and read aloud their own prayers and blessings during t’filah in the second part of the evening.   

In addition to our experience with the siddur and t’filah, Rabbi Jordan Helfman guided students in an important discussion on the subject of refugees and how for us as Jews – problematic as it may be – responding to the plight of these persons is an ethical imperative.  

Sh’vua tov / a good week to everyone!

Please join us on Wednesday night for Purim.  Additional information can be found here:

Purim at Holy Blossom 2018

Rabbi Bill S. Tepper


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