In Grade 7

Last night our Grade 7 students participated in our annual Tzedakah Fair. This is an meaningful evening that exposes our students to some of the important agencies that are doing work in our community and in Israel, supporting vulnerable populations, and people in need.  Last night’s fair included representatives from The Jaffa Institute, JF&C, JIAS, JNF, Leket, One Family Fund, Out of the Cold, Save a Child’s Heart, and Ve’ahavta.
The students visited each table at the fair, and filled out a questionnaire to help them learn about each agency.
During the second half of the evening, students were divided into 6 groups.  Each group was given $200 in cash, and were given the opportunity to decide which of the organizations they wanted to donate their money.  Each group then presented their breakdown, and the reasons for choosing the organizations they would be supporting.

The money being donated came from our Tzedakah fund, made up of the money we collect each week from selling snack.  Kol Hakavod to our students who keep donating to our Tzedakah fund, and who made educated decisions last night to allocate over $1400 of Tzedakah to important organizations in our community!




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